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Day and Night Kayaking

Get ready to have fun paddling through the amazing crystal clear waters of Anguilla , where you might have the chance to see turtles, stingrays and hundreds of tropical fish.

A must do in Anguilla!

Day & Night Tours

Take your adventure on a day or evening tour, led by our experienced tour guide. During the day we will paddle on the beautiful clear waters to Little Bay; if you are lucky you’ll be paddling around with turtles and fish all around you.

An Experience to Remember

Kayaking at Night is a Unique Experience Not to be Missed

Liquid Glow is dedicated to offering exclusive tours and rental services that are sure to leave you with memories to last a lifetime. We are looking forward to bringing out the explorer in you!

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*Please note schedule or location is subject to change.  


All Day Rental
10:30am - 4:00pm
Night Tour
Per Person
Tour To Little Bay
Per Person (24hour advance notice) two person minimum


7:00pm -8:00 pm
8:00pm – 9:00 pm


All Day Rental

Rent a completely transparent kayak and explore the ocean floor yourself!  Because Anguilla has many awesome reef spots. Simply name the beach and we will deliver.

4 kayaks minimum.  $120 each

Great for groups and parties

Available Everyday!

Day Tour

Days:  Every Day once weather permits
Duration: 2hrs
Location:  Starts at  Crocus Bay –  tour to Little Bay
Time: 11am – 1pm
$85.00 per person
Minimum age: 7 years old
​Maximum weight: 265lbs/person
Tour Difficulty:  moderate

  (24hour advance notice)   two person minimum 

Important note: we require a minimum number of participants to run each tour. If this number is not reached we will offer rescheduling options, and if unsuitable, you will be entitled to a full refund.

*Day Tour requires booking

Our Sunset evening tour takes place in Island Harbour, East of the island.   Our transparent kayaks are geared with powerful underwater LED lights that provide a spectacular underwater view at night, attracting fishes to your kayak while you follow the tour guide.

*Night kayaking requires booking

Meeting times:  Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled tour time, for safety reviews, and signing liability forms.
$75.00 per person
Minimum age:  7 years old
​Maximum weight: 265lbs/person
Life Jackets are to be worn at all times

What is the weight limit?

The maximum allowable weight per person in 235 LBS with a combined weight of 385 LBS for each boat. There are two people per boat.

What should we bring?

Please wear something that can get wet and bring a towel. A waterproof camera is great to bring if you have one!

What happens in bad weather?

If we cancel due to bad weather the day of the trip, a full refund or rebooking will be offered to each reservation.

Do the kayaks tip over easily?

The kayaks are extremely stable and will not tip over unless you lean your entire body far over the side.

Can you arrange private & custom night tours?

Yes. Nothing can be better than a group of old friends or family getting together for a paddle, far away from the distractions of the fast track world. IT’S QUALITY TIME! Please contact us well in advance of your planned  date to ensure tour availability. PLAN AHEAD, IT’S WORTH IT.

Please download and fill out the  RELEASE OF LIABILITY  and Participant Agreement  Form signed by each participant and send it to us via email prior arrival.

One step away from paddling


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Liquid Glow makes every effort to include ALL activities and destinations listed. However, weather can be unpredictable. In general, some activities are subject to tide, time and weather factors. Liquid Glow cannot be held liable due to these factors.  By continuing to proceed with making a booking on this website, you indicate that you agree to not hold Liquid Glow responsible due to the above conditions should they occur, and that you accept the inherent risk of these operational anomalies as outline above.

Important note: We require a minimum number of participants to run each tour. If this number is not met we will offer rescheduling options and if unsuitable you will be entitled to a full refund.


Occasionally Liquid Glow may cancel activities for a variety of reasons. These reasons may include, but are not limited to strong winds, rough seas, poor weather, lack of numbers, equipment issues and more.  Some of these activities may be cancelled just before the start of the activity due to unexpected weather conditions. In most cases, this will result in a full refund from Liquid Glow.

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Established 2017

About Liquid Glow

Liquid Glow is locally owned and operated by Lynn, launched 2017.  As a full-time work from home programmer, Lynn wanted to spend less time at home and more time at the beach.  During her travels to Dubai in 2016, she rented a transparent kayak and thought it was a genius idea and great experience. Although she only rented the kayak for a day she thought how adventurous and original it would be to add lights and a paddle in the evening. After deep thinking her thoughts became a reality and Liquid Glow was born.

Complete transparent kayaking is a great way to explore beautiful areas of Anguilla and not to mention, with exercise. Our services provide a balance of safety, enjoyment and adventure. We are proud to offer great sea kayaking that is a wonderful way to escape and enjoy nature at its most beautiful.

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