But don't be afraid of the Ballyhoo fishes jumping in your kayak!!!


From cliff climbings, paddling near caves, snorkeling, dodging jumping fishes and if you're lucky enough you may get to touch a giant turtle coming up to the surface for air.

Little Bay Day Tour

Get ready to have fun paddling through the amazing crystal clear waters of Anguilla , where you might have the chance to see turtles, stingrays and hundreds of tropical fishes. This tour takes place From Crocus Bay, Anguilla to Little Bay. We paddle along the cliff side, viewing caves, view cactuses growing on the cliff side, sea birds and lots more. Rock climb up a cliff using a rope then diving into Anguilla crystal clear waters.

- 2 hour
- Snorkeling Gear Included
- Cliff Diving
- Paddle along side caves, while viewing the ocean floor.
- Minimum Persons 2
- Maximum Persons 9

Night Kayaking Tour

The opportunity to kayak at night does not come very often. Kayaking in Anguilla makes it even more special and adventurous because of the pristine waters Anguilla has. Be prepared to see large turtles minding its business underneath you. Turtles sleeping at the bottom of the ocean, with sucker fishes being the turtles shadow by following their every move. See lobsters crawling on the bottom floor looking for shelter. Not to mention the Ballyhoo fishes that will end up jumping in your kayak. You either struggle with them trying to grab it with your hands or come back to shore with your kayak loaded with ballyhoos. Nevertheless this adventure is a MUST DO!!!

– 1 hour
– Location: Island Harbour
– Minimum age: 8
– Maximum persons: 9

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